Do-It-Yourself Domain Name Registration Web Site Submission 
and Optimization Software

     If you have the equipment, web site software, time, ambition, skill and energy to do it yourself, these are the programs that will help you do it.  Be aware, these are only tools for the job, very good ones, but will require an investment in money, learning, time and a lot of hard work to make a success of them. 

     Another issue to look at is proper planning.  You must plan your work before investing time and a lot of money. As said: "Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan", "He Who Fails To Plan, Plans To Fail". See our associate company site Plans & Profiles if you need help with a Business Plan or Feasibility Study.

1. First select the correct keywords you will be marketing and utilize them in your selection of a URL utilizing them the best way possible.  See: KeyWord Selection for help and/or purchase the program by clicking on either of the banners to the right: 

2.  Second click on the banner to the right  or below, to register your new domain not only save 15%, but have access to the new 67 character domain names.  Take advantage of the marketing opportunities by having your key words in you domain name.  This can help your ranking tremendously.

3.  Third, purchase the following program(s) and learn them.  Each offers free trial downloads.  Should you find it is more work than you have time, or your time is more valuable elsewhere, we can still do the work for you.  We have the experience and acquired the skill necessary to make them work. 

4.  Fourth: Now that you have purchased the programs and have learned how to use them, invested the time to optimize your site pages, built your gateway pages, registered a new domain and are ready to go, then submit to all of  search engines regularly with your optimized web site.  Also realize you will have to make changes with search engine updates coming to you regularly.


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